School Entry and Access Procedures

Daily operational procedures for entrance and access to the District’s school buildings that have been implemented as part of an ongoing review and update of our school safety and security program.  The main entrance door to each school and District Office will remain locked during the school day and access will be granted through a remote-locking mechanism by authorized school personnel only for individuals who have legitimate business at the school.

We ask that all parents, guardians, and other visitors comply with the following general procedures:

  • If you have a need to visit a District school building, please contact the school by telephone in advance whenever possible.
  • Prior to being granted entry to the school, all individuals will be required to identify themselves and their business at the school. Please stand in clear view of the camera and speak clearly into the microphone.  If there is already someone at the camera, please remain a safe distance behind that person and wait until you have the opportunity to speak to school personnel through the system.
  • Once recognized as an individual who has legitimate business at the school, entry to the school will be permitted. If an individual cannot be identified or cannot establish having legitimate business at the school, access will not be permitted.  If the individual continues to refuse to identify themselves or the nature of their business at the school or presents a potential risk, law enforcement will be contacted.
  • Upon entry to the school, please proceed directly to the main office to sign in and obtain the appropriate visitor or other identifying tag.
  • The visitor tag must be worn throughout the visit.
  • Upon completion of business, return to the main office, return your visitor tag, and exit the building.
  • Should you desire to re-enter the building, the same procedures will be followed.

While we realize this may be inconvenient at times, this procedure is followed to help protect students, staff, and visitors.  We appreciate your cooperation.