Pest Management Notice

RSU 64 maintains a Pest Management Plan as required by law.  The school system routinely monitors the schools and grounds to detect pest problems and to prevent the pests from becoming established.  The District’s Pest Management objectives are to:

  • maintain a safe and healthful school environment;
  • protect human health by suppressing pests that threaten public health and safety;
  • reduce exposures of humans to pesticides;
  • reduce environmental pollution; and
  • reduce or prevent pest damage to school property.

Pesticide use in RSU 64 is minimal.  When necessary, low risk products are used only after consideration of the full range of alternatives, based on analysis of environmental effects, safety, effectiveness, and costs.  Any planned applications are only conducted when buildings and/or grounds are unoccupied.  If there is an imminent danger from wasps/hornets, etc., low risk spray products may be used while school is in session, but not directly around people. If higher risk pesticides must be used, the District will contract with licensed applicators and notice will be posted at application sites 5 days prior to the application.  The District has established a Registry of any member of the public who requests to be notified of these actions.

The District maintains detailed records of all pest control treatments and information about any pesticide or chemical used.  Our records are open to review as is our Integrated Pest Management Policy and the “Pesticides in Schools Regulations” (CMR 01-026 Chapter 27).  Information regarding Pest Management activities shall be available to the public at the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.