Parental Involvement

Parent Involvement Strengthens Our Schools

Parent involvement in a child’s education is one of the biggest factors in determining a child’s successful school experience.  The Board of Directors and staff members of each of our three schools wish to promote partnerships that increase parent participation in the social, emotional and academic growth of the children.

We know that it is difficult sometimes to get involved due to availability of time, uncertainty about how to help your child(ren), and unfamiliarity of the school environment.  Experience has shown, however, that when families become involved in the education of their child(ren), the children achieve proficiency sooner, have higher grades and test scores, show improved attendance, complete more assignments, demonstrate more positive attitudes and behavior, graduate at higher rates, and are more likely to go on to higher education.

One way we promote a stronger partnership is to invite you to regularly visit our schools, to communicate regularly with your child’s teacher, to volunteer, and to observe the products of your child(ren)’s work.  We look forward to seeing you in our schools during the 2018-2019 school year.

The RSU/MSAD No. 64 Board of Directors supports the statement, “Work outside of class time is a vital adjunct to classroom learning and as such is an important part of the total educational process.”

There are three primary purposes for this work:

  1. Provide independent practice that reinforces newly acquired skills or knowledge;
  2. Prepare for assignments, tests, quizzes, classroom discussion or demonstration (Note: Students often tell parents they have no homework when the assignment is to study for an exam. They do not see this ‘preparation’ the same as a written assignment so you may need to ask, “Do you have reading or studying to do?); and
  3. Extend/expand learning through long-term projects, research, in-depth study, and exploration of individual interests.

You can help your child with work outside of the classroom by providing an appropriate environment in which students can successfully focus on assignments and by supporting the importance of their work assignments.

Thank you for supporting your child in becoming a more independent, life-long learner.

Please Note: In accordance with Board Policy P4128 and in taking steps to protect the safety and well being of our students, all prospective volunteers will be required to complete a volunteer application form. Please fill out the RSU 64 Volunteer Form. Background checks will be performed for all prospective volunteers who work regularly in buildings or with teams/groups or who assist in the supervision of students (i.e. on field trips, etc.). Prospective volunteers should contact their child’s school for confirmation of their application approval.