Attendance Eligibility

The residence of the parent and the residence and age of the student determine eligibility for school attendance.  A student of school age has a right to attend a school in RSU/MSAD No. 64 when:

  1. The student’s parent(s) reside in the District and the student resides with the custodial parent(s), or
  2. The student is 18 years old and resides within the District, or
  3. The student lives with an individual (who is a resident of the District) who has been made a legal guardian of the student through a court order or a probated will that officially appoints that resident as the legal guardian, or
  4. The student does not live at the residence of his/her custodial parent or legal guardian, but the student has shown through a court order that he/she is an emancipated minor, or
  5. The student has become a ward of the State or a State agency client and has been placed in the home of a resident of the District,  or
  6. The student has been deemed a bona fide homeless youth by the homeless liaison, or
  7. The Superintendent has agreed to admit a student in accordance with Title 20-A, ss5203-5205, or
  8.  The student has been admitted to an RSU/MSAD No. 64 school as a tuition student (said admittance would be under unusual circumstances as determined by the Superintendent and approved by the Board of Directors).