COVID-19 School Closure Update from Superintendent Sperrey

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Good Morning,

As you know, RSU 64 schools remain closed through April vacation.  Teachers are now expanding the resources they are providing to families through the internet. Teachers use various platforms and what this looks like is going to be different from school to school, content to content, and grade level to grade level.  In order for families to stay in touch, we ask that middle and high school students in particular check their email each day and that all students log into the platforms they know teachers are using such as Google Classroom, ClassDojo, etc.  This will help ensure students are seeing and accessing virtual lessons and Zoom meeting schedules. Our goal is to keep students engaged as we do as much as we can, for as many as we can, with the resources we have. If parents are having difficulty with lessons or have questions for teachers, the best way to reach them is through email.  Each teacher and staff member’s email address can be found on the school websites under the ‘About Our School’ tabs.

We know 90% of our families have access to the internet and 92% have access to a device other than a cell phone.  Middle and high school students who do not have a device can contact their principal via email. We know this is a very small number and we will help if we can.  Also, all networks at each school have been opened so that access can be secured from the parking lot. The signals are not strong but if you need internet access, you may be able to access it from your car. We do not expect parents to be bringing their students to our parking lots each day, rather we offer this as an additional opportunity if you need it. Also, Spectrum and Comcast are offering free 60-day internet access to families at this time.

We continue to provide breakfast and lunch meals at each of our sites from 8am to 10am, Monday through Friday.  The sites are: Central Community Elementary School, Bradford Town Office Parking Lot, Hudson Town Office Parking Lot, Stetson Town Office Parking Lot, and the former Kenduskeag Elementary School Parking Lot. Meals are free for all children 18 and under.

Our number one priority is the health and well being of our students, staff and families.  Please continue to practice proper hand washing, covering of coughs, not touching your face, and physically separating yourself from others. With patience and resolve, we will get through this together.

Be well,

Mrs. Sperrey